Sports & Exercise Nutrition Manual

by Scott McHale

Learn how nutrition affects health and fitness, and what you need to achieve your fitness goals and improve your health and vitality.

Full Description:

I originally wrote this nutrition manual to give to clients that had done one of my consultations to help cement the information they had learned, but over the last 13 years, it has evolved into something much more than that! This manual is not only for my clients to refresh their memory, but for anyone who hasn’t done one of my consultations who really wants to get the best out of nutrition to change their body composition, improve their performance in training or sport or most importantly, improve health and vitality.

Back in 2007, I created a consultation to educate my clients on nutrition and how it affects health and exercise, and how crucial it is in achieving their goals. At that time, I had been a personal trainer for 2 years, and realised it didn’t matter how well I trained my clients and how often they trained, it was impossible to get them the goals they wanted unless they changed their nutrition, which usually also meant a change in lifestyle. Of course, I was already advising on nutrition and lifestyle, but it didn’t seem enough to get them to respect the importance of nutrition and to make the serious changes needed for the results they were looking for.

The consultation I created takes up to 3 hours, but once completed, all my clients are educated and armed with the tools they need to help them achieve their goals. This new knowledge is very inspiring for them; they understand the science of how it all works physiologically and inspires an eagerness to start and make the necessary changes. I find I get much better results from my clients by educating them first, so they understand exactly what needs be done and why; this works much better than just telling them what to do. It’s important to educate my clients on the biomechanics of the body while training them, so they understand how to execute movements correctly and the importance of good structural health. Equally important is the need to educate them on nutrition, as that is done away from my guidance and watchful eye and must be done throughout every day with precision, no matter what the situation is.

Educating my clients makes them successful in achieving their goals, which, in turn, has built the success of my business. This manual was written to help educate anyone interested in improving their health; it explains clearly and simply how nutrition affects health and fitness, and what it really takes to reach not only their fitness goals, but to improve their health and vitality!

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