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When I started training at Scott’s gym I didn’t expect to progress as much as I did. In 5 months I was able to gain almost 5kg of muscle, growing my arms by 6.5cm, while losing 1kg of fat. My clothes fit much better and T-shirts that used to be loose on me are now tighter, especially at my sleeves.

I could not have achieved this without the support of Scott and my coach Patrick. I used to skip breakfast and go through most of the day without eating but Scott explained in my consultation how this would cause my body to burn muscle for energy. It wasn’t easy making changes, but Patrick always encouraged me to improve. Our weekly weigh in and measurements gave me feedback on whether I had been eating the right nutrition to fuel and repair my body.

Patrick wrote a programme for me that challenged me but also allowed time for recovery, and he updated the programme every 5 weeks to stop me plateauing or the workout becoming stale. I made progress in all exercises, but my best were Chin Ups and Dips, which I managed to progress to 8 reps with an additional 20kg on top of my bodyweight.

Overall, I am very happy with my experience. Unfortunately, I had to move out of the area, but I hope to return in the future!


After the first lockdown I wanted to get fit for my sport of Gaelic Football. I felt I wasn’t as strong as I should be and needed some specialist Strength and Conditioning to take me to the next level.

My initial consultation with Scott was very beneficial in terms of information on nutrition. My coach Patrick was very friendly and knowledgeable and without doubt helped improve my strength, power, and cardio aspects of my fitness. All sessions were tailored around my specific goals which Patrick helped me achieve.

Within 5 months I gained 5kg, all of it muscle. My chest, arms, shoulders and legs were measured regularly and increased in size from the start, along with my waist to make sure I wasn’t gaining too much fat around my stomach. My lifting technique improved which allowed me to reach personal bests in the bench press (115kg), Front Squat (120kg), Deadlift (170kg), Power Clean (70kg) and 5km running time.

Overall a great experience!


My coach Patrick helped transform me within 7 months of training.

I wanted to get back in shape after neglecting my health and fitness during the first UK lockdown and I made rapid progress to become the strongest and most muscular I have ever been.

Patrick has great knowledge and motivational skills which helped me to reach my goals. He taught me new exercises and to analyse my lifting technique in a deeper way so my form was as efficient as possible and I could make the best progress. 

I particularly enjoyed deadlifting and within a few weeks Patrick guaranteed that he would get me to 200kg before Christmas or I could sack him as my coach! Needless to say I got there ahead of schedule and I set myself a new goal of achieving a 500kg powerlifting gym total by the end of 2020 which I exceeded with a 170kg Squat, 115kg Bench Press and 230kg Deadlift. 

I found the weekly weigh ins and measurements helped motivate me to progress in my main goal of fat loss. So far I have lost 6.8kg of fat, 13cm from my waist and I have also gained 7.6kg of muscle. Not bad for a dad of four!

I found Scott’s Gym to be a great private gym with great Personal Trainers and definitely worth joining. Thank you!


I have now been training at Scott’s for 11 weeks. I had put on a lot of weight during lockdown and had lost confidence. Scott takes a lot of time at consultation to set your goals and impart his knowledge about nutrition and put a great plan into place.

He understood that I have a busy job but set me a very precise schedule and nutrition plan. I have lost weight, my body shape has changed and I have adapted a far healthier lifestyle. I have dropped 3 dress sizes and feel amazing!

This has boosted my confidence and made me feel so much happier and healthier. My weight has dropped, my body shape changed, blood pressure dropped and I genuinely feel 100 percent better. Alex has been a great trainer..he’s always there for nutrition advice, he’s patient and pushes me just at the right pace.

I would highly recommended this for anyone who is nervous about going to the gym, needs some hand holding but wants great results ! Thank you, guys.


I’ve been training with Scott since January 2019 and initially started seeing him to get into shape for my wedding. Everything is completely tailored to your wants and abilities and I’ve felt myself get stronger week by week, whilst actually enjoying training at the same time.

For the wedding, I really wanted to loose fat from the back of my arms. When I started with Scott my skin fold measurements measured 28mm on the back of my arm, but was down to just 7mm before the wedding. I got married in September, and I felt absolutely amazing on the day - My total skin fold measurements over 4 different sites were 50mm at the initial consultation and 13mm just before my wedding day. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life! I lost 7.15kg of total body weight, loosing 11.5kg of fat and gaining 4.4kg of lean mass.

I’ve never really been that into exercising, but Scott made it all feel easy and also enjoyable. Scott is so knowledgable and an absolutely brilliant PT. He listened to what I wanted to achieve and made it happen with a balance of exercise and nutrition. He really cares about his clients and his dedication in helping to achieve your goals comes through in every session. The gym is also a great training space, and has everything that you could possibly need.


I’ve always wanted to get into great shape with a low body fat and muscular physique but I didn’t even think it was possible for me to do so. I had been living an unhealthy lifestyle all my life so I decided to do something about it and join a gym.

I was training for about a year with another personal trainer but I wasn’t getting results. I was watching Scott for a while and was liking what he was doing so I asked him to train me.

Scott made me realise it was about the diet and carefully planned training methods. He helped me to see food as fuel so I stopped seeing it as just food and more as essential nutrients to fuel my body to support the training I was doing. I still enjoy the process of eating and I think that’s important.

I did get frustrated at times and have doubts but Scott was very good at keeping me motivated and coaching me through the difficult times. I’m glad I stuck with it, the pictures speak volumes but they don’t tell the true story because I had already lost over 10kg of fat before I took the first picture.

It took a lot of hard work dedication and discipline and I’m thankful to Scott for helping me through it. He has changed my life! Not only am I a lot healthier, fitter, stronger and look better but I’m so much more confident in myself.

I’m really glad I went on this journey with Scott helping me by my side not just as my trainer but I also consider him as a friend. All the hard work paid off big time as you can see by the pictures, I’m really grateful for Scott’s help and knowledge to get me into the shape I’ve always wanted, I’ve never felt more happier in my life then now.


I had just left an awful job and wearing this hospital gown realised I not only looked like Homer Simpson in a mumu, I had allowed work and other negative things to take over. Having decided to make a long term change I worked on diet, exercise and attitude.

Scott understood what I needed and works with his clients as individuals, regularly adapting his approach and programmes to reflect this. Scott is an expert in his profession of exercise and nutrition and isn’t a generic ‘great job’ trainer, but genuinely understands his clients and what drives them - I never, ever, thought I would be asked to be in a before and after shot - but here we are!


Scott is the most knowledgeable PT that I have had the pleasure of training with. This combined with his passion for health and fitness has seriously upped my game over the past 2.5 years.

I have significantly increased my strength and muscle mass, reduced body fat, and even reversed my osteoporosis diagnosis to achieve normal bone density. Scott's determined focus on nutrition as an integral part of physical training has been key to achieving these results.

Scott's approach is friendly, down to earth and thorough. This makes for an enjoyable partnership that accomplishes exactly what you set out to achieve.


I first went to see Scott as I had no motivation to try and diet although I really wanted to lose weight.

Scott explained that to lose weight it’s not just about exercising; it is a life style change. It is about giving your body the right type of nutrition and eating the right foods at the right time as well as training regularly.

I had a three hour consultation with Scott. He weighed me and I was 11.5 stone, my measurements were almost 100mm. I knew at this point it was time to make a change. Scott went through what foods are high in protein and which foods contained good fats and what were high in sugar content. We did a food plan together. He explained that I would be weighed once a week on scales and have my measurements taken .We would meet twice a week and do a combination of training. The food part was hard to start with, getting portions right, teaching myself to eat five small meals and preparing them the night before.

Within the first week of actually sticking to the meals, taking photos of my meals to prove this was what I was doing and going to the gym with Scott twice and once myself I lost 1 kilo fat. After that I started losing a kilo of fat a week, I was so amazed at the results and Scott was not only great at motivating me but he also pushed me to my limits. I actually felt more sorry for him than me being pushed 

I started to like training and wanted to go to the gym, it became a part of my daily life; we did a variety of exercise, from weight training, to cardio, to boxing and interval training.

Two years down the line I upped my lean mass, I am now 9 stone 8 and my measurements dropped by 60%. I lost 15.5kg of fat and Scott explained this as an equivalent to 15 tubs of butter. I could not believe the results; neither could my friends and family. I am now a different person and have learnt to maintain my weight through eating well and doing exercise.

I could not have done this without him. I have recommended Scott too many of my friends who have then recommended him to their friends and family. Scott is a great motivator who works hard to make you work hard and wanting to see results. His passion and ethic to training and eating well is what made me want to change my life around and thanks to him I finally got down to the weight I wanted. Thanks Scotty. You’re the best!


After the new year I decided to get down the gym and start working out to improve my physique. Having been down the gym a couple of times I just didn’t know what to do, where to start or if I was doing anything correctly etc etc, so I decided to get a Personal Trainer and started training with Scott in February.

At the time I weighed 82.1kg, 15.2kg of fat and 66.9kg of lean mass. These measurements were taken during my consultation with Scott which I thought was a massive eye opener. Not only did he work out my body fat and lean mass, he also educated me on nutrition and explained how eating certain types of foods at the right intervals with the adequate amounts would help me achieve my goals of building muscle and losing fat.

At first it was very difficult to adapt to weighing my food, watching my calories and eating the correct amount of protein (which is vital to building, repairing and maintaining muscle) for each meal but after a while you get use to it and know what to do without having to keep weighing everything.

The first few months of my training were going really well, I was eating the correct foods and seeing results. The more I was seeing the results the more motivated I became and wanted to keep training! I built a lot of muscle during the first 14 months of my training with Scott and even lost some body fat on the way.

I have now changed my goal from building muscle to try and lose some more fat which is very different from what I was doing before because I am restricting my calories and adding cardio. My measurements after 16 months of training are as follows:

  • Body weight – 91.4kg
  • Lean mass – 82.3kg
  • Body fat – 9.1kg

So I have put on 9.3kg in weight, my lean mass has increased by 15.4kg and my body fat is down 6.1kg. I’m aiming to bring my body fat down even more which will mean a lot more hard work and graft but having a personal trainer who knows exactly what he is doing really gives me the confidence to keep pushing on.

I couldn’t recommend Scott enough! If it results you’re looking for with the best advice it’s really a no brainer!


I started training with Scott because I needed to get my weight down and improve my health. I knew Scott was the right person to help me as I have known him for many years and seen what he does to himself and his clients.

Scott explained exactly what I needed to do in the consultation which lasted about 3 hours. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I was determined to follow his plan because I trusted him and knew it would work. My diet has always been very bad as I have phobia’s with lots of healthy foods but Scott still worked out a good plan for me.

The first thing I noticed after eating good food and cutting out junk for a few days was how much more alert and more energy I had, which really made a big difference at work. I noticed the fat was coming off after the first week and stuck with the diet and training. We did measurements weekly and the fat melted off week after week which was great motivation to carry on.

I have now lost 20kg of fat and gained 4.5kg of muscle in 6 months. Now I’m feeling healthy and in good shape I’m looking forward to going on holiday soon.

Cheers Scott!!!

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Peter NH
Peter NH
21:10 25 Oct 21
Recommended by a family member, I decided to try Scotts PT, as I was looking to get "healthier".From my first meeting with Scott, I learnt something new and have continued to learn from my brilliant (and unbelieveably strong) trainer / coach Patrick.Small, yet big enough. Friendly, yet professional. In a nutshell, and most importantly, they know their stuff - and are good blokes.
Stephen Curley
Stephen Curley
19:16 26 Sep 21
I’ve been training with Scott for over a year now. His coaching style is highly motivational and fun, but above all he has a great talent for helping people push past any self-imposed limits to achieve their fullest potential! His training style is also personally tailored to each individual – taking a holistic approach to health, overall wellbeing and fitness - whilst balancing it against individual circumstances and goals. I’ve personally managed to achieve a significant body re-composition during the short time I’ve been training with Scott (gaining 9.7kg of lean mass whilst losing 8.4kg of fat), and have also benefitted from a valuable education on the importance of diet (and forming positive habits) that will serve me for life. The energy of the gym itself is a very inspiring environment to train in, set in a discreet location - benefitting from up to date equipment and facilities.... I can thoroughly recommend Scott and all his team!read more
Peter McSweeney
Peter McSweeney
11:30 29 Jul 21
You get the train like a celeb and a very good price. You have your own private PT and they look after everything from training (in detail preventing injury and long game) to your diet and mindset. Everything is tracked.They go above and beyond and I recommend Patrick who is a great a strength and conditioning coach.. who takes his job very serious and cares about his clients a lot. He is super passionate about getting you to succeed.
Tomasz Boyke
Tomasz Boyke
08:38 26 Jul 21
I am beyond happy with my experience with Scott’s personal training. When I was looking for a personal trainer I had a lot of mixed feelings about the industry itself as I encountered a lot of PTs who seemed to only care about how much and when you can pay them. Then I found Scott. Scott truly listens to your needs, finds out everything about your lifestyle, hobbies, work schedule, eating habits, health condition. He measures your needs and abilities and finds you the best fit in terms of his pick of PT for you and your diet. He gave me numerous useful tips and made me feel really well taken care and valuable as a client.
Darryl Newson (Darryl)
Darryl Newson (Darryl)
09:24 18 Jul 21
Scott's personal training, what a great place to be apart of, training facilities are really good. I have been coached by Patrick for a while now, always great communication and always going out of his way to make sure I am keeping on track every week. 10kgs down and a lot more to go 👊
Belle Trompka
Belle Trompka
20:03 09 Jul 21
Alex personal trainer is professional, and help you to reach your target! Thank you for adapting my training to my knee injury, and general poor physical condition in such a professional manner, I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and acquaintances.After flirting with alternative personal trainer providers, I ended up with Alex to get the job done. I have gone through countless trainers and none had the dedication and passion for fitness and physical health than that of Alex's.Based on my experience so far, after more than a year into my fitness programme, if anyone is considering choosing a personal trainer, then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alex.Belle
19:02 19 Apr 21
Had an excellent series of sessions with Patrick, whol helped me with a great combination of self workouts and technique based PT sessions. I was able to build good lifting techniques, and a lot strength in a relatively short period of time, and Patrick's enthusiasm and passion was obvious throughout.Scott also provided excellent nutrition guidance at the start to support those training goals. The gym itself is really well equipped and there was never more than two people in there when I trained which is a much better experience than PT in a normal gym.
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