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Personal Training

At Scott’s Personal Training all our coach’s are qualified and experienced Personal Trainers and Strength and Conditioning coach’s therefore are capable of training the novice to the professional athlete whether you are training for health, body composition changes, performance based training or competition prep.

We are all very passionate about training and nutrition and love what we do. We are always learning and training an striving to better ourselves as better coach’s and athletes. We live and breathe the lifestyle and we get great satisfaction out of passing it onto our clients and seeing their transformations.

Our number one priority is safety and injury prevention, we emphasise on structured training programmes with correct technique and biomechanics to produce the best and safest results.

We periodise and structure our training programmes to produce the best results and prevent the risk of injury and overtraining. There is a science to training, it’s not just about throwing some exercises together and hammering your body. The exercises and methods have to be carefully chosen so each programme can complement the next to prevent plateau or overtraining and promote recovery to produce continuous results.

Even then the best training programmes in the world won’t work without proper execution. This is where correct technique and biomechanics plays a part, if you are not stimulating the muscles in the correct way then you are not going to get the response you are looking for. Every rep and every movement must be executed with perfect posture, stability, speed, control and distance.

We are lead to believe exercise is good for us but the reality is most of us are doing more harm than good, especially when weights are involved. Bad technique puts wear and tear on joints and connective tissues and leads to injuries. Not necessarily causing injury in a specific moment but over the course of months or even years. I’ve spent 15 years working as a professional in a gym environment and personally witnessed on a daily basis how common training with bad technique is and even bad technique being taught by other so called professionals. For this reason alone I cannot stress the importance of seeking the expertise of a good coach.

Consistently Following the advice from your coach, nutritional plan and your training programme will guarantee to bring you the results you are looking for. We can give you the formula to unlock your potential and coach you along the way but if you are not disciplined to follow your training and diet then you will never reach your potential.

Are you ready to unlock your potential?
If you are serious about training and want help to become the best you can be, book a consultation with us now

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    What our clients
    say ABOUT US


    My coach Patrick helped transform me within 7 months of training.

    I wanted to get back in shape after neglecting my health and fitness during the first UK lockdown and I made rapid progress to become the strongest and most muscular I have ever been.

    Patrick has great knowledge and motivational skills which helped me to reach my goals. He taught me new exercises and to analyse my lifting technique in a deeper way so my form was as efficient as possible and I could make the best progress. 

    I particularly enjoyed deadlifting and within a few weeks Patrick guaranteed that he would get me to 200kg before Christmas...


    I have now been training at Scott’s for 11 weeks. I had put on a lot of weight during lockdown and had lost confidence. Scott takes a lot of time at consultation to set your goals and impart his knowledge about nutrition and put a great plan into place.

    He understood that I have a busy job but set me a very precise schedule and nutrition plan. I have lost weight, my body shape has changed and I have adapted a far healthier lifestyle. I have dropped 3 dress sizes and feel amazing!


    I’ve been training with Scott since January 2019 and initially started seeing him to get into shape for my wedding. Everything is completely tailored to your wants and abilities and I’ve felt myself get stronger week by week, whilst actually enjoying training at the same time.

    For the wedding, I really wanted to loose fat from the back of my arms. When I started with Scott my skin fold measurements measured 28mm on the back of my arm, but was down to just 7mm before the wedding...


    I had just left an awful job and wearing this hospital gown realised I not only looked like Homer Simpson in a mumu, I had allowed work and other negative things to take over. Having decided to make a long term change I worked on diet, exercise and attitude.

    Scott understood what I needed and works with his clients as individuals, regularly adapting his approach and programmes to reflect this. Scott is an expert in his profession of exercise and nutrition and isn’t a generic ‘great job’ trainer, but genuinely understands his clients and what drives them - I never, ever, thought I would be asked to be in a before and after shot - but here we are!


    I first went to see Scott as I had no motivation to try and diet although I really wanted to lose weight.

    Scott explained that to lose weight it’s not just about exercising; it is a life style change. It is about giving your body the right type of nutrition and eating the right foods at the right time as well as training regularly.

    II had a three hour consultation with Scott. He weighed me and I was 11.5 stone, my measurements were almost 100mm. I knew at this point it was time to make a change. Scott went through what foods are high in protein and which foods contained good fats and what were high in sugar content...


    I’ve always wanted to get into great shape with a low body fat and muscular physique but I didn’t even think it was possible for me to do so.

    I had been living an unhealthy lifestyle all my life so I decided to do something about it and join a gym.

    I was training for about a year with another personal trainer but I wasn’t getting results. I was watching Scott for a while and was liking what he was doing so I asked him to train me.

    Scott made me realise it was about the diet and carefully planned training methods....


    Scott is the most knowledgeable PT that I have had the pleasure of training with. This combined with his passion for health and fitness has seriously upped my game over the past 2.5 years.

    I have significantly increased my strength and muscle mass, reduced body fat, and even reversed my osteoporosis diagnosis to achieve normal bone density. Scott's determined focus...


    After the new year I decided to get down the gym and start working out to improve my physique. Having been down the gym a couple of times I just didn’t know what to do, where to start or if I was doing anything correctly etc etc, so I decided to get a Personal Trainer and started training with Scott in February.

    At the time I weighed 82.1kg, 15.2kg of fat and 66.9kg of lean mass. These measurements were taken during my consultation with Scott which I thought was a massive eye opener. Not only did he work out my body fat and lean mass, he also educated me on nutrition and explained how eating certain types of foods at the right intervals with the adequate amounts would help me achieve my goals of building muscle and losing fat...

    Are you ready to become everything
    you are capable of becoming?
    If you are serious about training and want help to become the best you can be, book a consultation with us now
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